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| Last Updated:: 10/07/2017

Quiz on World Environment Day

Question 1: When was Environment Day observed for the first time?
A.   1996
B.   1976
C.   1972
D.   1992
Question 2: What is the 2016 theme for World Environment Day?
A.   Small Islands and Climate Change
B.   Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care
C.   Join the race to make the world a better place
D.   Green Cities – Plan for the Planet!
Question 3: When is World Environment Day observed?
A.   6th June
B.   3rd June
C.   4th June
D.   5th June
Question 4: When and where was the Environment Day Anthem launched?
A.   Nepal, 1995
B.   US, 2000
C.   India, 2013
D.   UK, 2006
Question 5: Who wrote ‘Earth Anthem’?
A.   Abhay K
B.   John Keats
C.   Harivanshrai Bacchan
D.   UN Volunteers
Question 6: Which among these is an official language of the UN?
A.   Dutch
B.   Italian
C.   Spanish
D.   None
Question 7: Which country is hosting 2016 World Environment Day celebrations?
A.   Singapore
B.   Italy
C.   Brazil
D.   Angola
Question 8: Which event associated with the World Environment Day is celebrated to inspire people reduce energy consumption at the workplace?
A.   Earth Day
B.   Eco- Action Day
C.   My Earth My Duty Day
D.  Cycling Day
Question 9: A novel strategy to popularize environmental causes was introduced in 2008. Identify the strategy.
A.   Online games
B.   Ad- making competitions
C.   Commercial ads with suitable messages
D.  Asking people for solutions
Question 10: What is the focus of World Environment Day?
A.   Biodiversity awareness
B.   Economic and Environmental awareness
C.   Universal awareness
D.   Raising global awareness
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