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| Last Updated:: 14/01/2019

Plant Parts

Question 1: Which of the following is an example of a plant that bears seeds but not fruits?
A.   Pine Tree
B.   Peepal Tree
C.   Cotton Plant
D.   Eucalyptus Tree
Question 2: Root nodules are commonly found in…
A.   Parasitic Plants
B.   Epiphytic Plants
C.   Leguminous Plants
D.   Aquatic Plants
Question 3: The floral part that produces pollen grains is..
A.   Sepal
B.   Petal
C.   Anther
D.   Ovary
Question 4: Opium is a plant product obtained from..
A.   Dried leaves
B.   Dried Latex
C.   Roots
D.   Stem Bark
Question 5: The scientific method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree rings is known as..
A.   Dendrochronology
B.   Sclerochronology
C.   Paleoecology
D.   Acanthochronology
Question 6: Which part of the plant may be called its food factory?
A.   Fruit
B.   Leaf
C.   Stem
D.   Root
Question 7: Most cactus plants do not have…
A.   Leaves
B.   Flowers
C.   Stem
D.   Root
Question 8: Which plant is known as the Terror of Bengal?
A.   Money Plant
B.   Lantana Camara
C.   Congress Grass
D.   Water Hyacinth
Question 9: Ficus Reliogosa is the scientific name of which common tree?
A.   Banyan
B.   Neem
C.   Peepal
D.   Tulasi
Question 10: Which plant is commonly known as touch-me-not plant?
A.   Ailanthus triphysa
B.   Mimosa pudica
C.   Musa paradisicum
D.   Ananas sativus
Source:GK Question - Lead the Competition