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| Last Updated:: 23/03/2017

Quiz on birds

 1.       Pneumatic bone is found in


[A] Rana

[B] Pigeon

[C] Shark

[D] Whale




        2.       Which of the following is the flightless bird


[A] Kiwi

[B] Emu

[C] Ostrich

[D] All of the above




         3.       Egg of birds are


[A] Isolecithal

[B] Alecithel

[C] Telolecithel

[D] Homolecithel




         4.       The migratory birds rely on the


[A] Anaerobic oxidation of proteins

[B] Anaerobic oxidation of carbohydrates

[C] High efficient aerobic oxidation of fats

[D] All of the above




          5.       Flight muscles of birds are attached to


[A] Keel of sternum

[B] Pelvic girdle

[C] Clavicle

[D] Humerus




         6.       The nocturnal birds, the retina contains mostly


[A] Rods

[B] Cones

[C] Both in equal number

[D] None of the above




          7.       The character of birds without exception is


[A] Omnivorous

[B] Flying wings

[C] Monogamous

[D] Beak without teeth




        8.       Longitudinal migration is seem in


[A] Coot

[B] Starling

[C] Violet green swallow

[D] American golden plover




          9.       Left systemic arch is absent in


[A] Reptiles only

[B] Mammals only

[C] Birds only

[D] Both birds and mammals




         10.   Manogamous ratitae bird is


[A] Ostrich and Emu

[B] Aperteryx

[C] Ostrich

[D] Aperteryx and Emu