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| Last Updated:: 16/02/2016

Status of Tanneries



Source: U.P. Pollution Control Board


Status of Pollution Control in Tanneries of Uttar Pradesh

The U.P. Pollution Control Board has identified 469 tannery industries in the state out of which 404 tanneries are treated in Kanpur.

Details of effluent treatment system in 404 tanneries installed at Kanpur is as follows:

Based on vegetable tanning system                                                     -           198

I.            Primary effluent treatment system installed                            -           102

II.            Based on drying system                                                      -            24

III.            Closed due to their own reasons                                         -           48

IV.            Closed by the orders of the Hon’ble Courts/Board                -           24

Based on Chrome Tanning System                                                     -           206

I.            Having Chrome Recovery Unit/Member of Common               -           166

Chrome Recovery Unit/Primary

Effluent System installed.

1.                II.            Closed due to their own reasons                               -           13

2.                III.            Closed by the orders of the Hon’ble Courts/Board     -           27

A Common Chrome recovery unit has been established at Jajmau, Kanpur for small tannery industries by the Municipal Corporation financed by The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India. Total 76 tanning industries are members of Common Chrome Recovery Plant and 90 chrome tanning units have installed their own chrome recovery units within their premises. Currently the total capacity of the common plant is not being utilized because of lack of drum dryer. As per the information form the Municipal Commissioner, finance is being sought from the Government of India for installing the Drum Dryer.

9 MLD industrial wastes is being generated from the tannery industries at Jajmau, which is put into the common conveyance system after primary treatment (installed in the premises of the individual industries) this combines with 27 MLD municipal waste water and is treated in a Combined Effluent Treatment Plant. The treated effluents have generally been observed to be beyond the prescribed norms. This is mainly because of week operation and maintenance management and the need for upgradation.


In addition to Kanpur, a total of 65 Tanneries are located in other districts as follows:

a.   Kanpur Dehat                                          -                       02

b.   Meerut                                                    -                       04

c.   Muzaffer Nagar                                       -                       01

d.   Mathura                                                  -                       02

e.   Agra                                                       -                       03

f.    Gautambudh Nagar                                 -                      04

g.   Ghaziabad                                              -                       03

h.   Barabanki                                               -                       05

i.    Unnao                                                    -                       41

Out of these 26 industries are closed. The balance 39 tanneries have their own Pollution Control Systems or are joined to the 02 combined plants at Banthar Unnao and Unnao UPSIDC Site II.