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| Last Updated:: 29/05/2017

Major Ground Water Problem

 Based on the findings of different studies, four major problems in the state are identified as major challenges-


            1. Ground water resources are rapidly depleting due to uncontrolled & indiscriminate exploitation in many areas of                   the state both in rural and urban segments, resulting into widespread decline of ground water levels in different                     parts.


             2.    In canal command areas, crop productivity is affected due to sub-surface water logged conditions, mainly                                 emerged in the areas where ground water levels shallow are (0-3 m).


            3.    Problem of potable drinking water and safe irrigation water supplies in many rural/urban areas due to chemical                       and bacteriological pollution, affecting ground water quality.


            4.    Inadequate Ground water recharge in Bundelkhand-Vindhyan region due to high run-off of rain water,                          resulting into less recharge and poor resource availability.